It was a great season of volleyball in Brandon courtesy of the @BUBobcats. The team gave us something to be excited about and look forward to every weekend. The team has a bright future and I look forward to seeing what they can do next year. Nothing but pride here in Brandon.

I saw Captain Marvel last night and it was a delightful escape – the film took longer than expected to hook me in, but things really started clicking in the second half. Carol Danvers is the most powerful superhero of the bunch – can’t wait to see her in Endgame.

Alex Usher: Best Higher Ed Scandal of the Year

The differences between higher ed in America and Canada continue to perplex me, and this scandal tells me that we have it pretty good in Canada.

Embarking upon my second attempt at watching Game of Thrones. I just saw a man get his leg sawed off, then spent a few moments pondering the past tense of “saw.”